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White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Trump had denied the allegations and directed further questions to outside counsel. Cohen's attorney, David Schwartz, told CBS that the filing was a "reckless use of the legal system." Despite the pushback, the persistent focus on Daniels is a troubling distraction for a White House already struggling with an exodus of top staffers, a floundering agenda and the looming threat from the Russia investigation. Avenatti is just one on a growing list of lawyers looking to question Trump. Attorneys for a former "Apprentice" contestant have said they want to depose the president as part of a defamation suit. And the president's legal team continues to negotiate with special counsel Robert Mueller over the scope and terms of an interview with the president. A hard-charging attorney maintaining a near-constant presence on television news, Avenatti wants to question Trump and Cohen for "no more than two hours." In the filing, he says the depositions are needed to establish if Trump knew about the payment, which Avenatti refers to as a "hush agreement," and if the future president consented to it. "We're looking for sworn answers from the president and Mr. Cohen about what they knew, when they knew it and what they did about it," Avenatti told The Associated Press. While he noted that "in every case you always have to be open to settlement," Avenatti said that "at this point we don't see how this case would possibly be settled." A former businessman, Trump is no stranger to high-stakes litigation, sitting for depositions in contract and defamation lawsuits over the years.

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