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Driscoll to seek full term as Webster County attorney Darren Driscoll, who was appointed Webster County attorney last month, has announced that he will seek a full term in the office. He was sworn in as Webster County attorney on Feb. 20 after Jennifer Benson, who had been in that office, resigned to take a job with the Pottawattamie County attorney’s office. Driscoll said he always intended to run for a full term when he was appointed. “I think there’s a great group of people over there,” he said of the county attorney’s office. “I’ve been there a little over a month now. I get along well with the attorneys and the staff. They’re a very competent group of people and I think we’re going to make a great team going forward.” Driscoll said, if elected to a full term, he doesn’t anticipate making any drastic changes to the office, saying the office is already doing what he would be doing. He did say, with his background as a defense attorney, he may be able to bring a new perspective on cases. “But, in essence, I think it was already headed in a very solid direction,” Driscoll said. “A good relationship with law enforcement, good relationships with other county department heads and the Board of Supervisors, doing a good job for the protection of the community.” “I’d just like to take my experiences and my skills and apply those to that job.” Driscoll is a Fort Dodge native who graduated from St. Edmond High School. After receiving both his business degree and law degree from the University of Iowa in Iowa City, he decided to return to his hometown to practice law.

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