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According to Nate Steel, the attorney representing the five officers, Bamburg isn’t qualified for his role as the director of the police department. The legal fallout from a series of past leadership decisions is on its way to court after an official complaint was filed April 4. But the city of Jacksonville and the police department have a long legal history. It all began back in June of 2017, when the Circuit Court of Pulaski County ordered Jacksonville’s then city attorney, Geoffrey Herweg, to be removed. Court documents show that one month later, in July of 2017, Mayor Gary Fletcher—without authority from City Council—appointed Bamburg as interim “director” of the Jacksonville Police Department. “You can’t do both. The Arkansas law is very clear that you can’t hold more than one municipal office,” Steel explained. Court documents say that neither the city of Jacksonville nor Arkansas law provide for a position known as “director” of the police department. “The mayor has the choice of a chief of police but he has to appoint someone who is qualified and authorized to hold that position,” Steel added, noting that court documents go on with a laundry list of “chaos” that has ensued since Bamburg took power.

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