This Legislation Is About The Rule Of Law, And The Safety Of All People, Citizens And Immigrants Alike, Holt Said Shortly Before The Iowa House Approved The Bill Tuesday On A 55-45 Vote, With One Democrat Voting For It And Five Republicans Against It.

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without legal permission who are suspected of crimes. "This legislation is about the rule of law, and the safety of all people, citizens and immigrants alike," Holt said shortly before the Iowa House approved the bill Tuesday on a 55-45 vote, with one Democrat voting for it and five Republicans against it. The legislation was being debated in the Republican-controlled Senate late Wednesday. Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds has indicated she would sign the measure, highlighting it in a fundraising email for her gubernatorial campaign. Immigration activist Berenice Nava said she believes immigrants will be racially profiled even if the bill specifically prohibits it. She noted the bill would allow authorities to question people about their immigration status if they're "under lawful detention or under arrest." "I feel very threatened," the 26-year-old Des Moines resident said before she and other activists gathered in the House gallery Tuesday waving American and Iowa flags. "I'm not light skin. I don't have blonde hair. My family, my friends, they're brown skin. So I fear for everyone." The primary focus of the legislation is on "sanctuary cities," a catch-all label for jurisdictions that limit local involvement in federal immigration enforcement. Trump's administration has threatened to deny federal grant money to sanctuary cities, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions' office recently sued California over the state's law barring police in many cases from turning suspects over to federal agents for deportation. P[L1] D[0x0] M[300x250] OOP[F] ADUNIT[] T[] Iowa has no sanctuary cities, though some communities and schools have varying guidelines on how to handle immigration related issues.

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