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Mr. Simao’s attorney, Jan S. Kublick of the Syracuse firm of McMahon Kublick & Smith, however, sent a letter to the JCIDA, which oversees the park, and town officials Wednesday claiming the satellite facility doesn’t comply with the permitted uses for park land established in deed covenants. The permitted uses, according to the letter, include manufacturing, assembly, or packing goods; engineering or research and development, administrative and other professional services, distribution centers and warehousing. Mr. Simao, who owns property east and west of the park entrance on County Route 196, said allowing developer Michael E. Lundy to build the structure for First Student on land he owns in the park would not only violate the deed restrictions, but increase traffic congestion and noise and lower the property values of corporate park land. “I think it’s absolutely imperative that the JCIDA get involved in enforcing the covenants, because that’s to the benefit of the users in the park,” Mr. Simao said. “If not, I will take whatever legal action I can take to compel them.” Mr. Lundy and JCIDA officials, however, contend that First Student’s satellite facility does comply with the deed restrictions for park land.

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